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IM Gateway not loading w/ Openfire 3.5.1

I have tried to load this Plugin multiple times. I have tried 1.2.4d and 1.2.4c noting is working. I manualy uploaded it and and deleated it from the command line. Started and stoped Openfire. Nothing. The Openfire I am using is intergrated into Elastix which run on Cent OS. Every other plugin i use loads fine and I can see it in the Plugins tab. I can see the plugin in my openfire/plugins dir. But no dice with it actually working.

That is because that version is for openfire 3.6.0 or above. You need the older version 1.2.3a. Completely delete the plugin by stopping the server and manually delete the jar file and the folder it created in the plugins folder. then download the correct version from here: http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/docs/DOC-1632

Thanks man! Worked like a charm. And thaks for the quick reply.

+1 this was a headscratcher until I saw this post and plug-in list. Thanks for that Todd