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IM Gateway Plugin 1.1.2 Released!

Hi folk!

I just built the 1.1.2 release which will be available from the main plugins page and via openfire’s admin interface for updating soon. It has a ton of fixes for AIM/ICQ contact list support (thanks notz!!) as well as a number of new “tweaks” that can be enabled/adjusted. Another big thing is that ICQ 2003b message should be received now! Those having issues with it, please test and let me know! If you’d like to know more about what’s changed since 1.1.1, please check out the change log! As always, let me know what you run into!

BTW, those not running Spark 2.5.6 and having issues with groups disappearing and such, please upgrade! There are mixed reports that Spark 2.5.6 fixed the issues and some that report that it hasn’t. I must admit that for those that it didn’t fix the problems for, I am suspicious of a misbehaving installer that installed the wrong version of Spark or didn’t overwrite something it should have or something along those lines.

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Attached plugin to announcement

I did a fresh install of 2.5.6, but i think it still can be installer issue.

mmh… yet there’s only 1.1.1 on the plugins page … can’t you attach the plugin to your post?

can’t find it either

prolly @jadestorm can attach it?

I did. And how are you linking to me like that? Like what are you doing to make jadestorm show up as a link to my profile? I’ve been seeing that show up in a few places and it peaked my interest.

I drew my magic wand!

Just copied your name with firefox…

Hey jadestorm…

First of all thanks for this new release and for adding Gtalk and XMPP

Second… will be available msn avatars (images from contacts) soon ?

Thanks in advice.

Daniel, Clearspace magic Text to Link Conversion Macros Within Clearspace

i make a mistake i thought that wroot was answering me


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I can’t really say regarding the button icons yet. They are the most voted for thing, but as you’ve probably noticed I’ve been fighting fires getting 1.1.* solid lately so I haven’t yet had time to look into it. =(

jadestorm… yes really thanks for the gateway… its amazing

i hope soon msn avatar picture will be available.

Thanks for this great transport.

Looks great. Gateway icons are lighting up now. The MUC room list for IRC is AWESOME.

If I need to make a request for the next version, i’d like to see the MSN mail notifications, and the IRC nickname behavior in the MUC (which we’ve already discussed). (I’ll beta test it too)

I’m really happy with the stability. I was getting complaints constantly with the 1.1.0 betas and 1.1.0 itself, far less with 1.1.1, and it looks like not only are we more stable now, but have lots of new features to go with it with 1.1.2. I’ll move most of my friends and coworkers off IRC with the MUC name fix and my fiance will finally leave me alone about switching her from her faithful MSN client to Spark with the mail notifications

Thank you for all your hard work!


MSN Mail Notifications are slated for 1.1.3 already, though voting for gate-311 couldn’t hurt

Why does XMPP transport has its entry in the roster?

Or maybe thats a Spark question?


Extra gateway support for Spark.

Yes, this is a client issue. Client doesn’t support it, it will show up in the user list.

hmmm, some people have reported that when they first make an account, it logs them in, they get notification of who is online but in the main window everyone is offline until you either logout then in again or restart the program

Come on Ignite get this update posted so the autoupdate in openfire can install it. I am feeling lazy this week and do not want to manually install it.

I’ve updated to 1.1.2 and Spark 2.5.6 and still see the issues with some groups not appearing.

I’ve attempted this on multiple different computers (all Windows XP) and it still fails to work (but will work if I logout/in again).

This looks like a Spark issue (as the packet logs show the correct presence information).

Is there any way I can check that I’m running all the correct 2.5.6 code (apart from the reported version in the client).


Maybe you didnt understand. XMPP is supported by Spark, but unlike ICQ, MSN, Yahoo, Gtalk it’s showing in roster, not just in the toolbar.

Ok, I thought maybe you hadn’t installed the spark plugin for the extra gateways yet.

I just added an XMPP account on xmpp.us, changed my xmpp gateway in Openfire to xmpp.us, added the account in Spark and logged in. The light bulb changed color, and no user in my roster.