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IM Gateway Plugin 1.1.4 released! (critical update)

Hi folk!

Linked at the bottom of this message is the IM Gateway plugin version 1.1.4. It should be the last of the 1.1.* series. Most of the current IM Gateway work is going into the 1.2.* series which includes buddy icon support. 1.1.4 will be the last version that runs under Openfire 3.3.. Future versions will require Openfire 3.4., which should be released today. I’m going to aim to get 1.1.4 up to be downloaded through the admin console this morning. However, once 1.2.0 is released, 1.1.4 will need to be installed manually.

Anyway. This release fixes a number of bugs with the new roster management code. Most importantly, I discovered that adds were not working at all! This has been fixed. There is also a critical bug fixed if you were using XMLRPC. If you haven’t already figured it out, I will wait a few days before I answer questions as to what the problem was. (simply because I’d like to give you all a chance to update before I tell people how to exploit it) I will answer questions privately however if you would like to know ASAP! (many thanks to Chris for finding this!)

The plugin can be found here: gateway.jar

Here I will try to post it.

I get the same error that the file is too large. Sorry I tried.
gateway.zip (0 Bytes)
gateway.jar (0 Bytes)