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IM gateway request formats

hi all –

with below request

UserID ************

we aee having response in below pattern for total number of contacts we have in our account .

Transports ......................

but if we make iq reqest to the openfire server only for listing all the openfire buddies (not from any other 3rd party IM gateway) then we are having response in below fashion.

Buddies Buddies Buddies

in this all buddie’s tag is coming in one response only. wehreas in case of IM gateway inquiry response is individual for each buddy in list.

which process has not any END point that we can mark. and upon reaching there we can move to next view.

so actually my problem is to detemine the length of resonse in case of IM gateway and determine in coding where i should change the screen.

can we have any other way of request for IM gateway which returns resopnse in one string only instead of giving bunch of small small strings in response.

any idea ? any suggestion ?