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IM Gateways scalability


I am currently gathering information on XMPP servers, trying to figure out what’‘s possible and what’‘s not. I could get OpenFire with the gateways plugin running really fast, and that’'s just great.

I am now wondering how scalable this is : from what I’'ve read, gateways to legacy servers consists in acting as a proxy client. Yet, if I understood well, Jabber servers maintain only one connexion to each other at a given moment instead of having one connection per client.

Thus my question : does this plugin take advantage of this philosophy, or are they completely separate concepts and you have to maintain one connection per client from the jabber server to the legacy server ?

I might figure this out of RFC in the coming days, yet implementations could prove me wrong, so I figured I’'d better ask how it works to competent people :]

As a complementary question, I’‘d like to know, in bandwith, how much connexions to legacy servers cost. Though I suppose I’‘m doomed to figure that out by myself, I’'d really appreciate to have some clues about that.

Thanks in advance for your time
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Unfortunately, there’‘s no good way to share a connection with a legacy service. With AIM you connect to AIM and auth as an AIM account and your connection is used only for that account. There’‘s no "I’'m all of X different accounts" that you can do. (same goes for the other transports) So yes, a new connection is opened for every legacy account. It would be nice if AIM, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, etc etc all implemented some form of XMPP complient s2s so folk could just say… send a message to myscreenname@aim.com or something like that and it would work. Of course that would nullify the point of having this plugin, but then I would gladly welcome such a day. =)

Oh and yes, I have no idea about bandwidth costs and such.

Thanks a lot, I’'ll give bandwidth usage a look then.

Though, I’'ll let the post mar as unanswered for a few days, in case someone studied this last matter and/or has some figures to provide.