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IM gateway's sourcecode is not available with openfire3.6.3 in SVN


i ve a problem to login in MSN. So, i downloaded openfire3.6.3 from SVN


for update my old openfire3.5.2. but i didn’t find gateway source code in it.

i need exact version of IM gateway which used in openfire3.6.3.

what is the Kraken IM gateway?

is it IM gateway new version 1.2.4d?

i confuse after read this link mmunity/thread/36591&prev=/search%3Fq%3DIM%2BGateway%2BPlugin%2B1.2.4d%2Brelease d!%26hl%3Den%26sa%3DG&usg=ALkJrhjWuglk8Wk140VAhcuXqFv82CLQ0w#

Can any one give this anwsers



The IM Gateway has its own svn repository which is available here.

Kraken is “the continuation of the *IM Gateway plugin for Openfire”. *You can learn more about on its website here.

Hope that helps,


thanx for ur help. but i need IM gateway’s source code not asterisk-im source code.

i didn’t find IM gateway source code

plz, any one have idea then tell me


The IM Gateway is not made by igniterealtime/Jive. The name has been change to kracken and is on sourceforge,