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IM gateways


I have a question about how I can find out if my gateways or transports are running properly. I can see them in my External Components section on the Jive server and I see the processes running in Windows. But for some reason I can’‘t figure out where to go next since (from what I’‘ve read so far) I need to register the service and then figure out how to send mail from my exodus client to an AIM client. I should also mention that I can only see one of the two transports when I go to Jabber Browser of Exodus and I don’'t know if I need to do anything from there or the Register service.

I hope I’'ve given enough info, if not let me know. Any leads would be much appreciated.

Thank you!


Right click on the service and click register. It should prompt you for your AIM login info. Once you’‘ve registered, you should see an in your contact list. Add your contacts and you should be able to chat away. (I think this is what you’'re asking when you said sending “mail”).

Hope this helps,