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I''m getting duplicate/triplicate messages via AIM transport

It must be something with my setup but I’'m at a loss as to what I can check.

Long and short of it is that with the AIM Transport I see duplicate incoming messages upon new conversation starting, then triplicate messages thereafter.

Seen it with Gajim and with GAIM (Pidgin). I’'d test Spark but something about Java 1.6 causes it to not start (error about displays).


Openfire 3.3.0

IM Gateway 1.0.1

GAIM 2.0.0beta6

Gajim 0.11.1

I’‘ve looked at the server logs but I saw nothing particularly interesting. This is the first time I’‘ve tried the IM Gateway so I can’'t comment on whether previous versions worked.

I’'d appreciate any suggestions?

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Ha! I figured it out!

First I reinstalled the server with using MySQL instead of builtin database, that stopped the triplicate messages, but I was still getting duplicates. Odd.

Next I checked the Openfire changelog and saw the note about “Updated JVM to 1.6.0_u1”; I checked my JRE and it was JRE1.6 beta 2. Oops! Updating that to u1 seems to have fixed the problem.

My thanks to everyone who’‘s contributing or contributed to this awesome project(s)! I’'m now happily IMing my friends on AIM via my Openfire + IM Gateway installation

I’'ll mark this as answered.

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=D Glad I could help? Kidding. Great that you figured out what was going on! The beta java releases were causing a lot of bizarre problems with the plugin and even with openfire itself. =/

Well shoot… It worked for about a day. Now I’'m getting double messages again.

When I get a chance I’'ll try doing some more troubleshooting…

Marking unanswered because the problem came back? Can someone explain what marking answered/unanswered does?

I’'m about ready to give up.

Updated IM Gateway per this thread http://www.igniterealtime.org/forum/thread.jspa?threadID=26194&tstart=0 since I had GoogleTalk and XMPP listed.

There was no change after restarting everything… Then somewhere down the line after trying several different things it started working fine again. I won’'t go into any details since there were too many variables involved.

The last thing I remember doing was remove all registrations and restart the plugin. Then I re-registered and stopped receiving duplicates. Maybe the AIM/oscar network itself is to blame? Who knows? Who cares (me)? It’'s working for now I just wish I knew what was triggering the doubling.

Answered vs unanswered is just how it’‘s labeled really. If you see on the main list of threads, you’‘ll see little icons next to the threads. Helps indicate whether it’‘s “worth it” to look at the thread. Like if it’‘s already answered, one might say "ok, I don’‘t need to look at that". Also, there’'s a scoring system with the forums and one might focus on trying to answer all unanswered questions. Unfortunately I find it a little pointless because if someone asks a question and I answer it, they may not bother flagging it as answered. =)

As for the double messages, I’‘m confused if you did upgrade to the lasted java. (what version does the openfire admin console say you are running, of the java jvm) I’'ve been running the transport for quite some time now and have never seen such behavior.

Somehow I got this today for the first time, but now for the Google Talk plugin. Don’'t know if it stays that way or it will go back to normal (I am not that populair, so have to wait until someone will say something to me ).

If it happends again, I will enable the debug logging and give you more information about my java version and such

We’ve had the problem of duplicate incoming AIM IMs for more than 6 months as well. Every time we would upgrade our Server, reinstall our client, or set up a new Jabber account (and add our AIM test accounts), the problem would go away for a while. But eventually, over a period of days or weeks, the problem always came back. Recently, one of our developers suggested I delete the following key from the client config file and restart (this is a custom client we wrote): . Until this time, I was received double IMs on every incoming AIM IM. However, deleting this key “fixed” the problem. I’m not a developer, so I have no idea why. I just thought I’d make the info available.

Could you find out what this key is supposed to do? It would help a lot in figuring out what’'s going on. =)

Yes, I will try to find out the purpose of this key and report back…