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I''m going to contribute with my Disable IM plugin

If you haven’'t read my last post, I needed to write a plugin to disable private IMs for work. I have a simple plugin with no admin page or anything like that. What I am going to do is to expand on that and create a configurable disable IM plugin which can allow you to block certain users from using IM or you can block all users.

I saw someone posted a question on the Wildfire Support section of this forum. The person was wondering how he/she could prevent users from replying back to notices. Which could be a good addition to the plugin where an admin can send out system wide IMs with a “noreply” message type.

I want to know who would like to see this happen. I’'m sure a lot of companies would love this. It could be used to prevent abuse of the chat system.

Features that I will implement in this plugin:

  • Disable all IMs.

  • Disable IMs from select users/groups.

  • Disable IMs at certain time schedules.

  • No-reply IMs. (Could be used for Announcments).

You can request a feature that you would like to see and I will see if I can fit it in. The major focus currently will be on the 4 features listed above.

P.S., By IM I mean the “Message.Type.chat” type of messaging.


Jigar Suthar

No one seems interested. Oh well, I’'ll do it anyways.


I wonder why I should use Wildfire and a plugin which disables IM.

Do you want to disable also MUC and MUC private chat?

Another issue which was request some time ago is:

Allow Group1 to talk to Group2 and allow Group2 to talk to Group3 while Group1 must not talk with Group3.


http://www.igniterealtime.org/forum/thread.jspa?threadID=24551 - request to disable sending messages based on current time for Spark

Need a little bit of clarity on that. You can receive, but not send. That means there are specific users that can send during a time period where others can’‘t. So there needs to be another user class? It woudn’'t be hard to implement. I just need to look at if user classes are implemented yet.

Also I’‘ve been working on another plugin for work. But it’‘s not useful to anyone because all is does it do a daily chat log. I’‘ll see when I get some time to work on the Disable IM plugin. I still need to work out the minor bugs in my other plugin so I haven’'t really worked on the Disable IM plugin since I finished it.


Let me see if i can clarify myself. We got two groups Group A = Admin group and Group B = Super group.

Group B can send and receive messages all the time, however Group A can only send messages during certain time periods but should be able to receive messages all the time.

I hope the is a little bit clearer.


I got to work on the plugin a little bit today. What it can do right now is see if the user belongs to the “Admins” group and if it does, it will send the message through. It’'s just to test it to see if it works. What I plan on doing is listing all the groups and each group will have a row of settings where you can block all the time or during a time period.

What my plugin doesn’‘t do is block the receiving of messages. It intercepts a packet and sees who sent it and do with it whatever I need to. It doesn’'t look at where the message is going so far.

When I’‘m done I think I’'ll have these settings.

  • Block All IMs

  • Block Sending by certain Group(s)

  • Always or for certain Time Period
  • Block Receiving by certain Group(s)
  • Always or for certain Time Period

I don’‘t know if I’‘ll implement the block the Group A from talking to Group C yet. But it wouldn’‘t be that hard so I’'ll see how it goes.

I would be very interested in this plugin once your are done. I would like to prevent some users from sending IMs and only have access to the conference rooms.

Thanks for working on it.

Hi I would like to say this is something that I am very interested in. What I want to be able to do is block IM between useres and only allow chat in conference rooms.

jmsuthar ,

I’'ve just finished a first draft of a Packet Filter plugin, you might find it useful as it already does group to group rules. For some screenshots check out :


It would be pretty easy to add the timer functionality so the rules only take effect during the specified window.

Let me know if your interested and I’'ll send you the source.