I'm not so sure there maybe something wrong in the class 'Affiliation' in package 'org.jivesoftware.smackx.pubsub'

Hello , I look into the source code in package ‘org.jivesoftware.smackx.pubsub’ of sub project ‘smack-extensions’. It seems class ‘Affiliation’ is the element extension of ‘’, but the Affiliation.getElementName() return “subscription”(inconsistent with ‘affiliation’). I’m not so sure whether it should be fixed.



That’s fixed in Smack 4.2 which is currently alpha. I consider backporting the fix.

Thanks for your response

Tracked as SMACK-705

Uploaded Smack 4.1.6-SNAPSHOT to Maven Central’s Snapshot repositories which includes Fix PubSub Affiliation getElementName() · Flowdalic/Smack@3c74ef2 · GitHub .

Please test and report back if it works for you.

It’s works great, 3ks.