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IM Remote Registrations


It seems that the possibility to register with any of the Gateway transports from external j\Jabber servers is blocked by the following lines in addNewRegistration() function of BaseTransport.java:

if (!XMPPServer.getInstance().getServerInfo().getName().equals(jid.getDomain())) {

throw new IllegalAccessException(“Domain of jid registering does not match domain of server.”);

Are there any custom compilations that would allow me to use OpenFire as ICQ transport for external users?



Nope! That is one of the “flaws” in the IM Gateway plugin model. (and a good reason to potentially investigate PyAIMt and PyICQt and friends for such functionality) Part of what makes the IM Gateway plugin experience so “smooth” compared to other transports is that it’‘s able to make use of internal APIs of the Openfire server, so it’‘s interacting with your roster directly, and that sort of thing. By nature of needing direct internal access to your roster and such, it needs to be running on the same server that the user using it is. In the future I may investigate some mechanism for letting external users still use it, but for now it’'s strictly local users.