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Forgive me if this is documented somewhere, or has been discussed a million times, but a decent search didn’'t turn anything up.

When you look at the Server Status page, to the left of the hostname there’‘s a small image. For example, if I’‘m connecting to Google, it’'s their stylized G. Is there any way I can configure my server to offer up a small image of my own for peer servers to see?



Actually, great question. It’‘s very possible we haven’‘t talked about this feature anywhere. We look for a favicon.ico file at the website of the domain. So, if the server name is “”, we look for You’‘ll find a bunch of info if you do a Google search for favicon. If the site doesn’'t have a favicon, Wildfire will simply show a generic server icon.



Thanks! That’'s exactly what I was looking for!

One clarifying question, if you don’'t mind. If the server is, would it try to retrieve the icon from or I fear the former, but hope for the latter!

  • Jim

Hey Jim,

The actual request will be sent to the hostname that is authenticated with your server. For instance, if your server has 2 incoming connections from and then Wildfire will request the following favicons:

Hope that helps.


– Gato

Hmm, two responses, conflicting in detail, both from the developers. Who to believe?

The obvious answer of course is UTSL (Use The Source, Luke)…

I’'ll dive the source later and reply just to provide clarification for anyone who might search this up later…

Thanks to you both!

  • Jim


You should always believe Gato of course. His answer is in fact more precise and correct.