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IMAP gateway for message logging


Here’'s a suggestion for developers.

It’'d be nice if there could be an IMAP gateway for message logging similarly to this hack for Ejabberd.

This is already possible to archive conversations with XEP-0136, however saving XMPP messages into an IMAP mailbox would be really nice in a perspective of unified messaging.

There’‘s also the Jabber Mail Component , which allows to access IMAP mailboxes, but I don’'t know if it can work with Wildfire.


Sounds like a great idea…

If implemented as an Openfire Plugin it should also be quite easy to solve the problem regarding nicknames described on the page you referenced because the roster is right available. The email address of the users is also available in the registration data. So whats missing is just configuration for the IMAP server, maybe a mapping between email address and IMAP user (if they are different), IMAP password and folder.

Umm and of course an Archiving Plugin outside the Enterprise Edition

I have JMC running with openfire ,

but it crashes now and then. (I’'m guessing it might be the structure or size of some emails)

So an IMAP-plugin would be very welcome.