Implementation of XEP-0136: Message archiving

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would it be possible to see XEP-0136 (Message archiving) implemented in Openfire? Is it true that client support is still lacking and that it’'s only in state “proposed”. But still it is a very important feature to have a common logging facility (especially automated archival on the server) if one has clients on multiple computers. It is tedious to look up histories by booting machines specifically for this task. And especially if one lets his client running on one machine and later logs on on another (from a second resource), one is forced to connect to the other one via VNC or forced to grep logfiles to see what messages were missed during that time. Automated archival would allow retrieval of those messages from the second client without problems.

Having it on the server side (like ejabberd does with mod_archive) is IMHO the first step before clients could sensibly add it.

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Philipp Kern

Is it possible? sure - are you willing to help?


How can we access archived messages from server at client hand.

please help me.



can any one post any idea on this point.

thanks in advance.