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Implementing anonymous login


I’'m making some modifications to the XIFF library for testing anonymous login against a Jive Server.

You can find the modified XMPPConnection.as here:


And a test unit here:


The test makes an anonymous connection to a jive server, enters a room and starts repeating what everyone says. Just a simple echo bot.


I recommed using a diff viewer for spotting them…

  • added var _useAnonymousLogin:Boolean

  • added useAnonymousLogin property

  • added sendAnonymousLogin() and sendAnonymousLogin_result() methods

  • modified handleStream() Method

  • modified updateJID() Method

  • added a note to getBareJID() method

The anonymous login only requires and empty auth iq like this:

Thanks to Gastom Dombiak for pointing this out.

Running the test:

Create an empty FLA at the same directory as AnonymousLoginTest.as and place this on the first frame:


You can set the server, room and nickname from within AnonymousLoginTest.as

(Can someone test it using MTASC? thanks!)

These are the things i’'m missing:

  • Validations and error checking when calling methods and properties that rely on username@server JIDs

  • More testing

Hope you find this useful.


Pablo Costantini


Thank you much for posting this. We’'ll roll this into the code base and test on our end.

  • Barry