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Implementing Wildfire

I hope this is the right forum for this, and if not please point me/move thread to the correct one.

Ive just started as a sys admin for a company, and so far they are breaking most of the rules ect. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Basically so far they are using a combination of yahoo,skype,msn ect to chat to other members of the company. This is very bad in my opinion. So here are my questions on Wildfire, which as far as i can see seems to be the best for what im looking for. Ill give you a little run down on how the company is situated and what i want it to do.

The company has a few foreign offices (im based in Europe). People in about 5 offices in total, all connect in through a VPN. Most of these offices are small, and in many cases, the ppl would be connecting here and then out through our firewall. One of the offices has its own firewall, and only really uses the VPN for accessing our servers, databases and for AD/Exchange syncronisation. This site has its own firewall to connect out.

Basicallly i want the IM to work for internal only. No connection to the outside world. Is that a problem with using VPNs ect?

Having the users authenticate via AD. Ive seen the documentation on this - but in the network traffic section there is no overview of how this will affect.

And the last few questions might seem kind of stupid.

  1. Is it better to install this on a DC or something else that has the AD schema on it to allow faster auth and less network traffic?

  2. Whats needed for the app itsself - is it mem or cpu intensive?

  3. Does it require its own server?

I know these might seem like rudementary and idiotic qwuestions, but i just want to make sure before i install this into the environment.


I’‘d also investigate the possibility to use a separate wildfire installation for each site. That way, coworkers in the same destination talking to each other wouldn’'t get routed across the VPN. You can supply a whitelist to Wildfire, so that only your own servers are allowed to use the s2s-connection.