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Implicit connection/session timeout?

in the latest smack 1.4, is there some way to set an implicit timeout/close on someone’'s connection to the server?

my scenario is a webapp, not a full fledged client per se. as users login to the app, they are logged into jive via smack. however, if they close their browser or don’'t log out specifically, it appears their connection/sessions stay alive forever (or for a long time at least). like a normal java session, is there a way to set so that given a length of inactivity for a connection ID closes the connection?

not sure if i’‘m asking this in the wrong place, since i’'m not totally sure if this is a jive server setting or something controllable through smack connections.

thanks in advance.

My recommendation would be to store the Smack connection (or a reference to it) in the user’'s HTTPSession. When the session is destroyed, close the Smack connection using a listener on the destroy event.