Import chat history

Is it possible to import chat history into Openfire?

We were previously using ICQ Corporate and we switched to openfire, but a lot of employees are emotionally attached to the years of chat history they built up. I have written a program (partly based on the source of ICQ History Reader) to extract the chat history from the ICQ Client, but now I need to know how I can import the history into Openfire, I haven’t seen a Sql table that holds that information.

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Chat history, or “message archiving” as that functionality is referred to in XMPP, isn’t implemented in Openfire itself. There is at least one third party implementation that’s available: you can read more on it at

Thank you for the quick answer, I see that Spark stores the Chat history in xml files in C:\Documents and Settings<WINDOWS_USER>\Spark\user<OPENFIRE_USER>\transcripts, I will make my ICQ extract tool modify these files.