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Import/Export plugin for Openfire 3.10.3


I need Import/Export plugin for Openfire 3.10.3. I need export users from old 3.10.3 and import to new Openfire server 4.2.3
Please help.

userimportexport.jar (280.6 KB)
This should work.

No, it’s don’t work.

Some old versions of plugins had issue with jar files not being extracted during install. You can see that in Openfire/plugins/userimportexport/lib there are files with .pack extension. They should be extracted into .jar files for a plugin to work. Unfortunately the one i have saved (2.4.0 version) is with that issue and i can’t find a way to extract them. One should use unpack200.exe, which comes with JRE to unpack such files, but this app expects pack.gz extension, not just pack. Copying jars from the current version of plugin doesn’t help either. I have also tried to edit minimum server version of 2.5.0 version of plugin and it installs on 3.10.0, but menu doesn’t work.

You can try updating your server to 4.0.0 and then the current version of plugin should work. Or maybe @akrherz can generate new build of a plugin for 3.9.0-3.10.0 version of Openfire, but i’m not sure if this is possible.

I attempted to build userImportExport.jar from the 3.10 branch of Openfire and it is attached here. userImportExport.jar (661.6 KB)

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Yes, this is the 2.4.0 version without an issue with packed jars. Works on my test 3.10.3 server.

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Thank you very very mutch all!!! It’s work!!!