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Import/export user

с помощью плагина “user import export” делаю экспорт пользователей в файл, не изменяя файл делаю импорт, страница зависает и никаких процессов нет.

Export from which version of Openfire/plugin?

plug-in version 2.6.0

Are you exporting from 4.1.1 server? Or 4.0.0? Maybe it is easier to just copy the database to the new place. What database are you using?

[OF-1215] Users Import-Export plugin fails to import - IgniteRealtime JIRA

I exported from the server 4.1.1. Database msql. Prompt how to copy the database to a new location

I’m not a DB guy myself, but i think all major SQL products have some sort of moving database tools (like make a dump of current database and then apply/merge it in the new instance).