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Import plugin fails even with the example


Just installed wildfire and so far i’'m impressed after fiddling around with jabberd1.4 and ejabberd for a couple of years.

However, the import/export plugin does not work for me. I’'ve tried many different variations, including first exporting a user and the example given in the documentation, but i still get “The import file does not match the user schema”.

I’‘ve read the schema and can not see that I’‘ve done anything wrong. And I’'ve tried to unwrap the file into 1 line so that there is no whitespace or illegal characters around.

Any hints?

I use wildfire 2.4.4 and userimportexport 2.0.2 and it’'s running on debian with ‘‘latest’’ jdk installed.

Also, is there any way to automatically import users from jabberd?

Hi Jonatan,

Any hints?

Most likely there is at least one character in your import file that the plugin is having trouble with. What editor are you using to create the import file?




I had the same problem after I installed the plug-in on my server. I turned out that there was some invisible items in the file that where causing the problem. If your text editor supports the feature, turn on / view hidden items and remove them. Also, you might want to remove any extra spaces or unnecessary returns in the import file.

Look at this thread, it might help.


Grant Harris

Ok, there was two problems:

First, in the exported example there was a space-character before the xml-tag on the first row

Second: I’'m not an expert on xml-schema, but I thought email, name, creationdate, modifieddate and roster were optional? After inserting all these tags the import worked.

That’'s great news. I hope our posts helped.


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