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Import SSL Certificate (Openfire 4.3.0)


I am trying to import my SSL (wildcard) certificate.

There used to be an option in the WebGUI (Server Settings -> Server Certificates) that would allow you to import the SSL cert.

I upgraded to Openfire v4.3.0 today & that sub-menu is no longer listed.

The Openfire server is running on CentOS 7.


There is now a separate plugin Certificate Manager. Maybe that menu is part of that plugin.


Thanks for the tip, wroot!

I placed my .crt and .key files into the directory that the “Certificate Manager” is designed to check.

I also have the option labeled “Delete files from the hot-deploy directory after installation” checked-off. However after restarting the (Certificate Manager) plugin my 2 files (still) remain in-tact within this directory.

Also, I don’t think I WANT to add my SSL cert to the “Openfire identity store”.
I just want to assign the certificate to the HTTPS service, so when I navigate to https://hostname.domain.com:9091, the web browser will not display a message saying “untrusted site”.


I’m not familiar with what types of certificates files should be put in that folder. Maybe you should ask in chat on this site (Guus was the author of this plugin). Openfire uses the same certificate for HTTPS and encrypting clients connections (TLS), so i think it should be imported to the store.