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Import users from jabberd14 when LDAP auth is working


I’'m a newcomer. Sorry for my english, first of all.

I’‘ve setup wildfire and it works ok out of the box. After a few changes I’‘m able to authenticate my users against AD. I’‘m coming from a old jabber1x scenario with about 500 users and I would like to keep my auth scheme: Native for registration, ldap for auth (against AD). I’'m using jajc as a client. Up to this point everything works as expected.

In terms of importing the rosters into wildfire, I’'ll be using the import plugin.My provider section looks like:



…so I cannot use it for it claims that when ldap is used no changes cant be made. I’'ve tried to change the section to the default database:



but in this case I cannot log into the admin console anymore. For admin users I’'m using “admin” and my own AD username. Using “admin” I get an unknown user error. Using my AD username, I get no error, but I cant go any further than to the login screen.

So, which would be the right option to accomplish this? First use AD as auth (works fine) and import my old jabber users?

Thanks in advance.

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