Import Wildfire 2.5.1 embedded user DB into Openfire 3.4.5 Embedded user DB

I have a running Wildfire 2.5.1 server with users on it and a fresh new machine with wildfire 3.4.5 running on it (without users).

What is the simplest way to export/import my users from Wildfire 2.5.1 to OpenFire 3.4.5 ?

I tried the export/import features and it says there is a schema problem when I try to import (probably due to wildfire being so old).

Any help would be appreciated.

I have tried to install OpenFire 3.5.4 for Linux over the top of wildfire 2.5.1 for Linux and the new version apparently ignores the older embedded-db.

I tried installing Openfire 3.4.5, going through basic setup, and then copying the embedded-db directory from Wildfire 2.5.1 and it still doesn’t give me any users.

I lokked around the website to see if I could download the latest version of wildfire so I could use it to upgrade my 2.5.1 and then I could try upgrading from that one to OpenFire 3.4.5.

A contact at JiveSoftware that helped me in the past was not willing to help me out and instead referred me to the forums.

Can anybody please help shed some light on this for me ? I need to finish this server upgrade and am stopped cold.

Have you tried this document? Looks like you need to upgrade to Wildfire 3.2 first. The old wildfire installs are still archived here somewhere I think. -openfire-upgrade.html

Edit: Found the installer links for Wildfire 3.2.0

Linux ar.gz

Windows xe

I tried this procedure from the document link you sent me and it failed miserably using OpenFire 3.4.5. There are still numerous references to wildfire in different files that are being copied over. Even afteer changing referneces of wildfire to openfire it still starts but has errors and starts me over again with setup if I login to the web admin page. After about the first 4 or 5 clicks it bombs with a java error.

I see you updated the post to include links to OpenFire 3.2.0 so I’ll try it now instead of 3.4.5.

I am frustrated enough with the programmer’s apparent lack of giving a damn about people upgrading from older versions that I may dump this software altogether and go with another jabber server product.

Unix/Linux (RPM)

  1. Stop the server

  2. Back up setup

  3. Run rpm -ivf openfire_3_3_0.rpm

  4. Go to /opt/openfire and copy configuration from old setup

  5. Copy conf/wildfire.xml and rename it to conf/openfire.xml

  6. Search for org.jivesoftware.wildfire. and replace with org.jivesoftware.openfire. in conf/openfire.xml

  7. If using embedded database then copy and rename embedded-db\wildfire* files to embedded-db\openfire*

  8. Copy new version of plugins to opt/openfire/plugins (except admin folder)

  9. Copy old certificates from resources/security/ to same location in openfire

  10. If running as a service update service to use new scripts located in bin

  11. Start up the server using new launch scripts located in bin

  12. To uninstall Wildfire run rpm -e wildfire

Does anyone else have any ideas ?

OK I found a copy of 2.5.1 and created a couple test users so I could monkey around with it. It looks like they tweaked the JIVEUSER table to support plain and encrypted passwords somewhere along the line.

This is what worked for me for “importing” users, I haven’t messed with rosters or anything yet.

Setup a clean install of Openfire and run through the configuration wizard and then stop the service - we need to modify the openfire.script later.

Open your wildfire.script in the embedded-db folder and look for “INSERT INTO JIVEUSER VALUES…” entries and copy them to a blank text file.


INSERT INTO JIVEUSER VALUES(‘dummy’,‘password’,‘Dummy Account’,‘’,‘001207322786877’,‘001207322786877’)

Then you need to add a “NULL” entry between the password field and the account name field for each user. This NULL is a place holder for encrypted passwords.

Will look like this

INSERT INTO JIVEUSER VALUES(‘dummy’,‘password’,NULL,‘Dummy Account’,‘’,‘001207322786877’,‘001207322786877’)

Once all the entries are modified copy them to your openfire.script in the embedded-db folder after the admin entry.

Start Openfire and all your users should be in place. Also once they change their passwords they will be encrypted and the plain text field will be a NULL.


This is a wee bit different than your scenario however, I figured I’d post to help anybody else having these issues. I couldn’t find(or just didn’t see) an answer to this one, so I’ll post it here. I was/am upgrading from WildFire 3.2.x to OpenFire 3.5.2, and when doing a mass user/group import, I kept getting a scheme update error. I noticed in the XML file, it stated . I changed that to and it worked fine.

Hope that helps somebody …