Import wildfire as eclipse calisto project

hi i tryed to use this howto to import wildfire 3.2 source as eclipse project but ist doesn’'t work… now can someone that knows howto handle that write a short step-by-step manual how i (and others) can import wildfire_3.2 as a eclipse project …

it’'s a little bit urgent because i have to fix a plugin i wrote (and which worked with wildfire 3.1.1 well) but doesnt work with 3.2


where do you get an error? This guide (which I wrote) works still fine for me.

I’'m still using “Eclipse SDK Version: 3.1.2” but this should not be a problem.


First i did the following steps:

extract the whole tar.gz file to D:\Projekte\wildfire_src

Package Explorer -> rightclick -> new Project

Wizard -> new Java Project

Enter Project name “wildfire_src”

“Create Project from Existing source” -> “D:\Projekte\wildfire_src”

import is ok, but the folder src/plugins/contentFilter/src/test/java shows an error ->

Line 185 in "The type org.xpp.XmlPullParserException cannot be Resolved. It is indirectly referenced from required .class files

the rest seems to be working fine.

now i recognized that iv i delete the test file (it is one, isn’'t it?) the thing workes

for me the things work fine, but the one mentioned test case …


this class to not affect the build process, and deleting it or modifying it solves the problem. As it has absolutely no impact I think it is not necessary to update the wiki document.