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Important (IMHO) enhancement to FastPath

We are trying to integrate FastPath into a contact centre environment where multiple “customers” are supported. In this case a customer is a third company which is outsourcing its webhelp (and other forms of help), to the contact centre.

In this environment, we have multiple workgroups. Each workgroup is a customer, with their webform, logo customized text etc.

So we have 4 or 5 customers, each with their own workgroup, in these workgroups we have queues, which for example are for each language. (lets say we have 4 languages). These queues could also be for some sort of skill, like marketing, tech, finance etc.

So we have 5 workgroups.

And we have 25 agents… Each one has a skill (language, etc.) Which can be applied to any one of the 5 workgroups/customers.

We need for an agent to be able to be signed on to the queues inside of each one of these workgroups so that we can distribute chat sessions to them.

Right now we can not do that, since an agent can only be on one workgroup.

How do we change fastpath and spark to allow this?

Can we have a tab for each workgroup login? Multiple logins on a single tab?

This is very important for using fastpath in call centres…

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Hey Protenus

This is a feature i also brought up a few threads down at http://www.igniterealtime.org/forum/thread.jspa?threadID=26458&tstart=0

The ability for an agent to exist in more than one workgroup is deffinately a required feature imo, this would make spark fastpath very usefull for doing multiple companies that exist in the same office together and have people who’'s jobs traverse all of the companies, all on one server.

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We also use Fastpath in a callcenter environment. I’‘ve ran into the same problem where a user can be signed in only to a workgroup, and not a queue - but then they can’'t be signed into two workgroups at once.

For example…

Workgroup “CLT” - houses all the customer service reps.

…queue “General” - gets all the messages

Now we want to add a new chat service to our Canada site. Ok, so create a “Canada” queue and route messages there. That’'s fine, but not all of our reps are trained for Canada.

So now I need a second workgroup, with it’'s own queue. OK.

But now the Canada queue gets very, very low traffic, so these reps are sitting around doing nothing most of the time.

If we could have reps sign into an arbitrary number of queues or workgroups, this would work better.

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Thats pretty much our problem, we run to totally seperate businesses, however a few staff are wizards in both businesses and could easily assist a client in either. More so, those few staff are usually the ones who are online outside of work hours and happy to help customers during that time.

At 11pm at night i can tell you now it’‘s rare for there to be anyone online but me, i have the skills to handle requests for both workgroups, but i simply can’‘t login to both so i’‘ve had to decide where i’'d be more usefull and move myself around accordingly.

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This is a feature we’d really like to have too. Wondering if any dev’s have given any thought to this, or would be open to having us sponsor this feature to be added?

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We would like to sponsor this feature. Is there a developer that would like to contract with us to do the work on this?