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Importing and Exporting Contact List

I would like to have this feature, since my organization uses two Jive servers and we need to import contact lists between the users of the servers…

Is this being worked on or is there a way i can do this in the present release.

This client looks gr8, i still need to test it extensively.



Hi Samad,

I’'m not sure if I completely understand your question. Does everyone in your company have accounts on both Messenger installations?

Contact (Roster) lists are stored on the server so if you want to move users and their rosters from one server to another you might want to take a look at the User Import/Export url=http://www.jivesoftware.org/messenger/plugins.jspplugin[/url].



Hi Ryan,

Since clustering is not available in Jive, i did a workaround to like this:

  • Setup JM1 Server in office1 location

  • Setup JM2 Server in office2 location

I asked office1 employees to logon to JM1 and import contact list from JM2 (exported using Pandion client) and vice-versa for office2 employees. Now you see that import/export is a required feature for my kinda setup, i would prefer to have this feature in Spark similar to the one Pandion has.

Hope i am clear this time. I appreciate you gettingback to my post so soon.



Forgot to mention one more thing:

I use LDAP shared group on both the servers.



Hi Samad,

Now you see that import/export is a required feature for my kinda

setup, i would prefer to have this feature in Spark

similar to the one Pandion has.

Ah, I do see.

I’‘ll have to look into that feature for Pandion; I’‘m curious to know how it would handle the situation where if I were to import contacts into my roster that don’‘t exist on the server I’'m connected to…

Anyway, as for whether or not Spark add this feature, that is for Derek to decide.



That’'s a good question Ryan, however it would be interesting to discuss a feature like importing contacts, that treated them differently in a stateless manner and maybe even a differnet look to the contact or contact groups. Any good ideas?

Any good ideas?

Ideas? Yes. Good? I’'m not so sure.

  1. Add some sort of horizontal divider on the Contacts tab with the top portion being dedicated “regular” contacts and the bottom portion reserved for the pending (stateless) imported contacts.*

  2. Have another tab next to the Contacts tab that was would show the pending imported contacts.*

  3. Have a menu item or option in the preferences screen that would be used to manage the pending imported contacts with a note at the bottom of the Contacts tab that reads, “X imported contacts waiting to be added…” or something like that.

I would lean towards #3 since I’'m not sure how much this feature would be used and to reduce the possible confusion it might cause with inexperienced users.



  • Both would show the pending contacts similar to how the “regular” Contacts are displayed. Also, I would lean towards only showing the import divider/tab if there were pending imports so as not to use up any screen real-estate with unused items.