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Importing fastpath data to wildfire enterprise


I just upgraded to wildfire enterprise 3.2. Im trying to import fastpath data using the procedure below but i cant seem to make it work using embedded DB.

Fastpath tables were replaced with new tables so you may want to import existing data from the old Fastpath version to the new Fastpath version. Follow these steps to import existing data:

  1. Stop the server.

  2. Go to /plugins/enterprise/database/upgrade/4 to find the import plugins.

  3. Execute the corresponding import*.sql_ database script depending on your database.

  4. Start the server, log into the admin console and verify that workgroup settings were imported.

Please help i dont want to loose chat transcript data :-S…thanks in advance.

Hey Riolym,

Are you having any errors while running the scripts? Since you are using the embedded DB you need to stop the server and then use the bin/extra/embedded-db-viewer script to run the import_hsqldb.sql script.


– Gato

thanks for input