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Importing FLEX libraries to work with xiff 3.0 ArrayCollection, etc

Hey all,

I’m just getting started with xiff and have little FLEX experience. Things went very smoothly when all I had to do was connect to a server, announce presence, and even send an IM out, but when I tried to join a ROOM, I hit a wall.

“The definition of base class ArrayCollection was not found”

The room.as function seems to extend ArrayCollection, which as I understand it, is part of the flex sdk. Okay, so I downloaded the flex sdk and even found the SWC files that have the ArrayCollection class. I added those to my library, and I’m using FlashDevelop and Flash CS3, by the way.

But, still no go, same message.

Do we really have to use FLEX to just connect to rooms?? There has to be something simple I’m missing here. Should I go back to v2 of xiff?

I have no need for flex because I’m not building a gui here, rather I’m using flash to simply connect and using HTML/javascript to handle the gui.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

Are you using the latest XIFF library from the SVN trunk?

ArrayCollection from Flex is no longer used and is not referenced in the library anymore.

What is referenced, however is a custom ArrayCollection that is not part of the Flex library at all (org.igniterealtime.xiff.collections.ArrayCollection).

We are working to remove all Flex references from the library and it currently only references mx.utils.Base64Encoder.

I was using the download under the download link (3.0.0-beta1)…

I’ll check out the TRUNK and see how that works. Glad to hear flex dependencies are being removed