Importing groups from AD

My AD structure is like this:

DOMAIN.NO (domain)

-MYBUSINESS (organizational unit)

—MY DEPT (organizational unit)

Fistname Surname (user)

—MY 2nd. DEPT (organizational unit)

Fistname Surname (user)

When I run openfire setup, I get all users and all groups, but the users

has no groups and when I display the groups they have 0 members.

In connection settings:


User mapping I passed by the default values.

In profile settings i entered the following:

Group field: ou

Member field: member (default)

Description field: description (default)

Advanced settings:

Posix mode: No

Group filter: (ou=)

I am suspicious about either the member field or the group field.

Someone with a hint?

OUs can not be groups. There is no setting you can set to make an OU function as a group. This is how the defaults for the openfire.xml should be: