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Impossible to create a new account on openFire server


I am still looking into this problem it’s really important for me to get that thing solved.

I am trying to create a new account from a Gloox c++ client and I’m getting the error code 400 Bad Request.

I made a try with a very simple Gloox provided example inside a Win32 Console application and I’m getting the same.

It could be the openFire server that is not correctly configured but it is working fine with Spark.

Am I missing something on the server side ?

Il would be great if anyone can help.

Attached the source file and the generated XMPP.

I can’t reply to my own thread, getting javascript error on the page in IE, FF, Chrome. Same for the guy working with me.

Thanks for your help.
TestRegistration.cpp.zip (1457 Bytes)
OpenFireLogs.log.zip (1102 Bytes)

please could you post the part of your code which you try to use. It looks like that the request is wrong.