Improving out-of-the-box experience

As you may know we are working hard on scalability so that Wildfire 3.2 can run faster and scale to a much bigger number of concurrent users. We have decided to refactor the networking layer and replace it with MINA (Apache framework for NIO). At this point we are in the testing stage and are trying to hit 100K concurrent connections.

While running our load tests we realized that if we make some questions during the initial setup process then we would be able to customize Wildfire so that it can handle the expected load in the most optimal way. For instance, we are now playing with rosters of 25 contacts and analyzing the memory consumption based on the number of concurrent users.

We created a survey that will help us create better out-of-the-box configurations. The more people complete this survey of just 3 questions the better for everyone. You can find the survey here:


– Gato