Improving the GUI of Spark

Hello guys,

i want to improve the GUI theme of Spark via Java FX

I think it is a bit out dated for my liking.

Where do I find the libraries in the source code to make this change?


Spark is currently unmaintained. There is no one to handle eventual pull requests, so it could become tricky to get your patches back upstream.

Thank you very much, has Spark been abandoned ?

It is a great core for the enterprise after tinkering with it & building other features for it too!

Unfortunately yes.

No one now is working on it.

I worked on Spark before and could help you with accepting pull requests and testing.

But unfortunately I have no time for development.

Konstantin, do you have pull request approval permissions in Spark Git repository? There should be a request from Wolf waiting (Roar plugin fix).


Thanks. So it’s two patches (Roar setting for infinitely staying popups SPARK-1595 and www links fix SPARK-1531). The current build number is 666 now. Anyone dare to try it out? Maybe we can have another small patch to push it from that number Install4j