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In-band registration Problem


I am trying openfire’s in-band account registration. My openfire is 3.8.1 and client is Strophe’s register plugin via http bind BOSH.
I have enabled this feature in admin console, and the messages received from server are

stream:featuresDIGEST-MD5PLAINANONYMOUSCRAM-MD5</mech anism>zlib</stream:features>

The Server does not support In-Band Registration.

It seems server does not support registration(does not contain “register” in stream:features). I have also tried login using Spark 2.6.3, and the messages sent from server are:

stream:featuresDIGEST-MD5PLAINANONYMOUSCRAM-MD5</mech anism>zlib</stream:features>

It has “register” in stream:feature, so I do not know whether there is anything wrong with my setting or not. Any ideas? Thanks in advice.

Another question is if I want to send custom IQ to get some custom information before login, Can I only login as Anonymous in SASL first? Or there are other ways to this? Does In-band Registration also use the same mechanism?

Many Thanks,