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In Hazelcast cluster shared groups not sharing properly


We testing Openfire 3.8.1 cluster Hazelcast with two node, one database and HAProxy load balancer. We have about 1,1k AD users in 30 group. All nodes are Hyper-V VMs with Centos 5.9 and Java 7u17. MySQL as database.

I configure OF with ActiveDirectory and need Shared group. When enter into group setting and share it with all other user, after click Save Contact List Settings the web-interface is show me loading for long time. I wait about 8 hours, after them i close tab with this process. In client group not appear, but in admin panel it shows as applied and shared. Another proccess of unshare this group also not finish after long time. No errors in logs unfortunately.

I turn off one node, restart other node and try again. It is apply group share successful and take about 2-3 minutes. It allow me to apply shared to all my group.

So, this is a problem.