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In mac 2.8.3 not able to receive from from 2.7.7


I am having mac with 2.8.3 which is not able to transfer file from 2.7.7 or older version. though at the same time if 2.8.3 version able to send file to any version.
I have gone through with the forum and found there are changes in Smack Library (Upgraded). Is there any way to downgrade library (Manually) in 2.8.3 or something ? reason Mac 2.7.7 has issue - While receiving new Spark message opens window but doesn’t display the message.

Can I have any suggestion.
Best Regards.

No, it is not possible to change just the library, its an integral part of Spark and if you change it to older version 2.8.3 won’t work. So, your only option is to use same versions of Spark. Why do you use 2.7.7 and not 2.8.3 everywhere?

@wroot Thanks for the reply. As per issue with 2.8.3 File Transfer issue between OSX and Linux. if it would be resolved I can change version to 2.8.3 in all members. seems 2.7.7 working fine but there is first message issue with OSX.
in 2.8.3 First message issue resolved but this file transfer issue appear.

@wroot … hope you had read my message dated 25March2019. Kindly give some suggestion …

I have read it, but i don’t have anything to suggest.