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In Multi User Chat room occupants detail and affiliation is not stored into database

I am using mysql database . I am creating room using asmack . Room details are stored into database but room occupants and its affiliation is not stored into ofMucMember and ofMucAffiliation tables of database. But this details is showing into admin panel.

Is there any properties to set for store this details into database .

Users that have joined the room are not persisted to the database. Users that have set affiliations are persisted. These appear on the /muc-room-affiliations.jsp page

Hi Daryl Herzmann.

Users that have set affiliations are persisted into DB. All data of group are persisted into DB like affiliation , members , group details.

But when we are restart server this data is not load into application memory.

How to load all room and its member data from DB to memory after server restarts ???

Which openfire version are you using? There were some bugs with loading the MUC room configuration with older releases. Also, check your server logs for any errors while starting up openfire.

i am using openfire 3.9.2 Alpha.