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In regards to multiple hosts

Thanks to everyone in advance -

I am trying to setup openfire with multiple host under one server - is this possible? for example if i have accounting.domain.com and dev.domain.com and clients connect to either of those domains they would get a seperate contact list - but would be running under the same server etc-

Thanks again


No, Openfire dosnt have this support (yet?). There are talks of getting this support, but at this point nothing concrete, no timelines. You could just run multiple Openfire instances on the same physical server- takes a little more work but is possible.

Hi Sam,

maybe you can even use one Openfire server with the Packet Filter Plugin. If you want to create two groups “dev” and “accounting” you should be able to block all communication between them. I don’t have such a setup and I wonder how this works when MUC rooms are involved.