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Incoming messages to multiple computers with the same account login?

Can I setup Openfire so that it will send incoming messages to all my three computers where I have logged in with one account? I often switch trough three computers and way too often IM goes to the computer where I’m not or it goes there while I’m switching my workplace and it will be left unread for many hours…

Try setting “route.all-resources” system property to true (if there isn’t one, create such property) and then set all 3 clients with the same priority.

Is it possible to accomplish this in Spark? :confused: Pleeeasseee let me know - THX!

Not really. The system property i have mentioned before will only work for a first incoming message and then it will only send messages to the client which has responded. Essentially Spark needs support for Message Carbons. Some work has been done in not yet released 2.9.0 version, but it is not working correctly yet. https://issues.igniterealtime.org/browse/SPARK-1585