Increase Openfire heap space to 1.5+GB


When I try to increase the heap space of openfire I get an error if I try values larger then 1.5GB. is this 1.5Gb an Openfire limit? if so, why? or should it be possible to use greater values then 1.5GB, if so, how?

thank you for the help

Are you using a 64bit JVM?


I use a 32bit JVM. When I try to use a 64bit JVM I get the message that it requires a 32bit JVM. But even on 32 bit JVM I would think that I should be able to increase memory to ±3Gb.

So you have any tips to get Openfire working on a 64bit system, or how to increase heap space to larger then 1.5Gb values?

Thanks for the help