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Index.jsp compilation, line 57 of corresponding servlet

I’'m getting a NullPointerException.

lines 56 and 57 are:

Container container = (Container)lookup.lookup(Container.class);

if (container.isSetupMode()) {

so I guess the lookup is failing to return a valid Container.

Any ideas why? In some logs I also saw a serialization error for a session, but that might have been for a different webapp.


My guess is you don’‘t have the Messenger jar in the app-server’‘s webapp lib dir. Are you trying to use Messenger in embedded app server mode? If so, what app server are you using? Did you follow the steps in Messenger’'s app-server installation guide?

If you’‘re just running Messenger standalone, JSPs should not be compiled (they’'re pre-compiled for the build in web server) and you must be running into a very odd configuration problem.