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Individual Chat Windows

I’‘m sure I’'m not the only one who would like to know about this

I have an app all done in flex. It manages to connect to all the services I need (aim, msn etc.) and can IM them through one static page.

I have a datagrid populated by the roster.

How can I go about creating individual chat windows?

The only real problem is knowing which window to send what data to.

Did I explain that well?

anybody? please?

My guess is you send data to the window ID which matches the JID ID. So you look for windows which are already open and if they are send data and if not open and make a new window. So you need to make a location or a manager which allows you to search for open windows and a way to tell if at the end of the loop if the marker is still -1 create a new window with the login ID. If you get it working post back the code. Thanks Dan

Well I’'m doing this all in Flex, so any idea what component I would use?

So to make a window, you can use the

mx:canvas for the area where the many im windows go,

then using mx:TitleWindow or mx:Panel to put the conversation components.

Then you can use a drag manager for the title window to allow it to be dragged around, and the TitleWindow has a close property

My question is this which relates to your conversation.

I want to send a IM message between me and a jid of someone in my roster.

Any ideas would be great.


Michael Hunter