Information on upgrade

Hey guys. Who said hard work needs to be rewarded!

Attempted the production upgrade from Jabberd2s8 to WIldfire 2.6.2 using LDAP authentication and a PSQL backend for roster info. The good news is that I now have the solution, but the bad news is that it was too far into failure to limp it along. I have been given another shot though, this time with a newer nicer machine(SUN v40Z twin 3.0 4 gb ram). And I have created instructions for the following if anyone is interested.

Moving from jabberd2 to Wildfire 2.6.2

How and what information in the existing database needs to moved to the wildfire db (postgresql)

What needs to be tweaked to make it all come together in the end.

Creating NEW wildfire tables for jiveroster and jiverostergroups because varchar(32) is just too darned small… ( I have found that some users from India typically eat the (32) settings for breakfast)

If anyone is interested I can type something up and send it along to Gato or Matt as a complete howto.


That would be great if you could give some instruction on how to setup the Ldap portion and use rosters on a mysql server.