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Inital Openfire setup in AD environment Existing Docs don't help

I think myself as a relatively intelligent guy, but I have to say the setup of Openfire is far from obvious or easy. Unless I am completely off my game here I have tried to follow the instruction found here by a number of different sources, one has the following text in the beginning, that completely throws one off in regard to configuration.

“These are directions for Openfire 3.5.x and below. Openfire 3.6.x and above are quite different. For one most of the settings are now stored in the database and are edited via the Openfire admin website, by editing the appropriate System Property.”

Why is there not a “current” complete Installation and Setup document for this rather than have a bunch of separate documents that all say something a “bit” different. Maybe some “Quick Setup” instructions for the various ways to install/config the product. I am a one man band and it is tough enough to implement new products/services as it is, so when it takes me more that 30 min or so to get in the grove on a new application like this, it tends to be frustrating.

Ok I am done complaining :wink:

Here is what I am attempting to do here, I want to set up a “test” environment to see if this product is going to fit the bill for our requirements.

Here is my config the way I see it: (Names have been changed to protect the innocent)

AD Integration through LDAP

my domain is mydomain.local (Not my.domain.local)

my AD Host is: myadhost

my Openfire server name is openfire

I would like a group of users to be called grpIMUsers, I am the only user at this point and I will be the Admin for Openfire.

Using the following instruction I setup my config as follows: (http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/docs/DOC-1554)

LDAP Server

Server Type: Active Directory

Host: myadhost

Base DN: OU=domainAccounts,DC=mydomain,DC=local



Password: {Administrator Password}

Test connection = NO JOY!

Please advise, maybe I am just making this way too difficult. Ideally I want to have all the people in the grpIMUsers to have IM access.

Thanks in advance!

That document and my other supporting docs are still valid for setting up openfire with AD even with version 3.6.x. It is only the post configure changes such as vCard settings and Filters that are now done via the website. The vcard structure has changed too but I posted a doc with the new structure: http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/docs/DOC-1773. Any difficulties you are having binding openfire to AD would be resultant in entering the wron information into the fields. Those fields have not changed from one version to the next for years.

I wonder what I am missing then, because I get no ware :wink: