Initial Authentication failure & heavy memory usage

Hello everyone,

I just started using wildfire on my centos3 box. It got setup very easily. The only problem I noticed is it opens up many processes and eats up most of my ram (1GB).

Moving on, the main problem I am facing is while logging in. Most of the times when i try to login, it given an authentication failure and it works right after that. I used both trillian and pandion to connect (I am on win xp) but I get the same problem.

I am sorry if it’‘s been asked before but search didn’'t help me

So, any suggestions?



how did you measure the size Wildfire allocates? Did you set -Xms768m as a startup parameter?

Please check the Java Memory line in the admin console (Server Settings, one may need to scroll down to see it). If you have a default installation it should read “xx.xx MB of 63.31 MB (yy.y%) used”.


Java Memory : 11.83 MB of 63.31 MB (18.7%) used

There are 33 processes with the following info when I run top

7836-7868 root 0 0.0 4.5 (Mem %) /opt/wildfire/jre/bin/java -server -Dinstall4j.jvmDir=/opt/wildfire/jre -Dinstall4j.appDir=/opt/wildfire -Dexe4j.moduleName=/opt/wildfire/bin//opt/wildfire/bin/wildfire -classpath /opt/wildfire/.install4j/i4jruntime.jar:/opt/wildfire/lib/activation.jar:/opt/w ildfire/lib/bouncycastle.jar:/opt/wildfire/lib/commons-el.jar:/opt/wildfire/lib/ hsqldb.jar:/opt/wildfire/lib/jasper-compiler.jar:/opt/wildfire/lib/jasper-runtim e.jar:/opt/wildfire/lib/jdic.jar:/opt/wildfire/lib/jtds.jar:/opt/wildfire/lib/ma il.jar:/opt/wildfire/lib/mysql.jar:/opt/wildfire/lib/postgres.jar:/opt/wildfire/ lib/servlet.jar:/opt/wildfire/lib/startup.jar:/opt/wildfire/lib/wildfire.jar com.install4j.runtime.Launcher start org.jivesoftware.wildfire.starter.ServerStarter false false /opt/wildfire/bin/…/logs/stderror.log /opt/wildfire/bin/…/logs/stdoutt.log true true false true true 0 0 20 20 Arial 0,0,0 8 500 version 3.1.1 20 40 Arial 0,0,0 8 500 -1 -DwildfireHome=/opt/wildfire -Dwildfire.lib.dir=/opt/wildfire/lib start

Did you set -Xms768m as a startup parameter?

No I didn’'t. I just started the server and set it as a service according to ide.html

My main problem is that the first login always fails for some reasons.


so Wildfire is using about 50 MB of your memory (30 MB java heap and 20 MB native heap - and calcualting 1024/100*4.5=46.08 shows that this is the case), and it runs with 33 native threads which use shared memory.

My main problem is that the first login always fails for some reasons.” Do you see errors in the Wildfire log file? E.g. a closed or failed database connection, or a SSL error?


But when I close shutdown wildfire and kill the processes, my memory usage comes down from 99% to around 15%.

About the login error, when I face the error again, I will check the logs, thanks.

I had stopped playing with wildfire for a few months. I did a clean install now and I still face the login problem.

After some testing, I found out it occurs only if there is no one logged into the server.


is Wildfire’'s error log empty?


the logs aren’'t empty but not of much help in this matter.