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Insert encrypted password into the data base


I want to insert encrypted passwords, if I register a new user from data base. I know that the password will be encrypted, if I change the password from user side or when I register the user from the web interface. But I want to register the user from the data base and it shouldn’t be necessary that the user must change the password after the first registration. Are there any possibilities the password to encrypted?



The passwords are encrypted with blowfish, so it should theoretically possible to encrypt the password yourself. But there are some problems.

Ways that would work:

  • Use a plugin that creates the user for you. E.g. my WebReg plugin. The advantage is that it is no problem to control other things in openfire, like shared groups or output some statistics.

  • You could create a small plugin, that changes the users password directly after account creation to the same password, so it would be stored encrypted.


After some thinking about…the second way won’t work, because no user-creation-event is generated by openfire.

A bit more simple way than using WebReg is manipulate the official Registration-Plugin for your needs.

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