Insert Link Oddity

Hi All,

I discovered something odd when posting a reply in this thread:

In my reply, using the fancy post editor I used the “Insert Link” option to insert a link to guide.html#windows. Not liking the super long link in the middle of my post I toggled to the HTML view and edited the link so that link would read as “Running Openfire in Windows.” However, when I went back to the fancy post editor the href part of the link was altered to point to, which is not a valid link.

Hopefully the above makes sense.


Over the last few weeks in my “new” involvement with both Openfire and Clearspace, I’ve noticed that the URL editor does some unusual things with URLS. Sometimes it adds extraneous characters like you’re seeing, sometimes it “moves” the link to the beginning of the paragraph the link is embedded in and more. This doesn’t just happen on the and clearspace sites, it happens on my site too.

So the issue has to be with the editor itself.

Hopefully, development/QA has some time to really test out a bunch of different URL editing scenarios to make the editor a better place to live and work…

Just my $0.02.


Hi Steve,

It’s always good to know that you’re not alone when seeing these sorts of oddities. Given the amount of code that is in a (new) editor like this I’m not surprised that there are a few issues that needed to be worked out.



I generally insert links, then highlight the part that’s the URL after it’s pasted and type over it (not using the html editor). Still this is very interesting data.

Personally I’d like to see the insert link let you type what the text should be in the dialog.

I’ll relay both of these comments back to the dev team.

jadestorm wrote:

Personally I’d like to see the insert link let you type what the text should be in the dialog.

That seems to be the standard approach or at least that’s what people have told me since I never visit, much less post, on any other sites .