Inserting users directly to the database table

I have this problem, i insert a user directly to jiveUser table but the admin console does not see it, my db is on mysql, i try commit and i don’'t know what is the problem.

If some one know about it…please help me, i need to load a database from a script

i think you’'ll have to restart the server for it to pick up any manual changes. the user list is cached at startup and then only modified via xmpp messages (register new user, etc).

you could write a program using smack to add/register new users.

There is a user plugin to do that.

Hi williammr,

As Conor pointed out, Wildfire uses a caching mechanism to improve performance. Unfortunately in your case, this caching prevents Wildfire from being aware of changes you make to the database until you either restart Wildfire, let the cache refresh itself (which by default happens every 6 hours) or manually clear the cache (which can be done via the Admin Console or programically). Depending on the number of users you’'re inserting you might want to take a look at airforce1 suggestion of using the url= Service[/url] which allows you to administer users via HTTP requests.

Hope that helps,