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Insight on OpenFire 3.7.0 on OSX 10.5

Hi everyone thanks for any feedback on the below. I’m hoping to get some insight into what may be happening on my Openfire server before resorting to a rebuild.

I have Openfire 3.7.0 installed on a mac running Leopard osX. It’s been running fine for the past 5 - 6 months but is now starting to give me issues. Nothing has changed in the environment network wise and no drops on Pings or other network connectivity test.:

  1. Clients (spark 2.5.8 and 2.6) random disconnects. At first it was sporadic but seems to be once daily now. (I think it’s happening overnight, “attempting to connect” message is first seen when users log in in the morning)
  2. Had an issue today where a user would type a message once and it would appear on the recipient’s spark multiple times(???) logged her off of spark and back in, so far so good.
  3. Unable to see any log messages (none at all?) I’m guessing this has to do with mac permissions perhaps? Any feedback on this would be great. I set up a test openfire server on another mac to troubleshoot and noticed that I had to unhide files via terminal to see where the openfire file directories were on the mac. Once I was able to see them I saw that most of the permissions were locked down and required running terminal in sudo to get to.
  4. Google searches on this forum helped with a number of items. I increased the java memory from 126mb back up to 1024mb. (this was the first thing I did) Server has not crashed since doing this and I generally run around a 220mb utilization now so I know that this helped.
  5. increased the roster and vcard cache via system properties from .25mb up to 5mb. I noticed that the cache was too small
  6. Under system properties added the entry for xmpp.client idle connections and set the value to -1
  7. set the max roster life to 419430400 (20 minutes). One of the forums mentioned that even if you set the cache higher it may not help if you don’t mod this system property as the default is 6 hours.

just to recap the two main issues are the disconnects and that I can’t view log files on the console. At least if I could view the logs in the console I might have an idea what’s causing it.

Any and all assistance is greatly appreciated. Thank you all for your time and feedback on how to knock this out.