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Install Client to PC - Client settings and chat history to Network

Good morning…

We have an issue where staff will go to various systems around the offices and log in to work. This is all fine - but what we found is that their Spark Chat stays on the local machine in their Profile\AppData\etc. subdirectory.

We are looking at reg entries, etc. to find where the file locations are stored, and it appears to be hard-coded.

It would be great to be able to install the client to the local drive, while all user settings and chat could then be saved/accessed via their network drive/profile.

This makes sense?


Joe travels to various office in different cities - where the offices are all on the same internal network. While at one office he chats with James and that chat history is saved to that local computer. At another office, he chats with Erin - again, that specific chat is only saved to the local system. When he gets back to the main office, he goes to look at the chat, and it’s blank - since he hasn’t chatted with either of them from his main system.

Now… is there a way to have the clients settings and chat history saved to a network (personal) share drive so that no matter what system Joe goes to work on, all the chat history, settings, etc. are read and pulled from that network location?

  • Just curious!

I guess this might be possible to solve this way. But many users won’t have a centralized network location to store history. So, in XMPP world this is solved via MAM protocol, when history is stored on the XMPP server itself (say Openfire) and clients retrieve it from the server when they login. Openfire has limited support of this via Monitoring Service plugin, but Spark doesn’t have support for this. https://issues.igniterealtime.org/browse/SPARK-1728

Changing Spark’s profile path via settings is a sometimes requested feature, not just for your case, but when roaming profiles are used. But Spark has no active developers and this might require a good developer to accomplish. So, patches are welcome.